Suzanne Ouedraogo

SuzanneSuzanne Ouedraogo is a self-taught artist. Searching for freedom she discovered painting, which changed her life to date completely. The former secretary started painting lessons in the Foundation Olorun, together with her colleague Marie-Blanche Ouedraogo. Up to this day, Suzanne und Marie-Blanche are the only well known woman paintresses in Burkina Faso.

In her paintings Suzanne not only wants to show the beautiful sides of live, but likewise the dark abyss human nature can develope, the fears und the desires.

Suzanne was brought up with animals, her father being a veterinary surgeon. "Hence, there are always animals that come to my mind when I reach for the paint brush, however, I do not think all the time of the bloodthirsty, untameble beast of the wild.

In most of my paintings you will find a creature, half human and half animal. With these mythical
creatures I not only want to point at the animal character of the human but also at the consubstantiality
of human and animal."


Suzanne was Born on 10th of October 1975 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Suzanne received her art training from various painters and in several workshops and symposiums:

1996-1998    Education at the Foundation Olorun in Quagadougou
Workshop " Design and Painting " with Pierre Leloup (director of the School of Arts in Chambery, France) in Quagadougou
Symposium "de peinture et de sculpture sur barriques" à Ouagadougou
Training at the studio of Soly Cissé, painter and sculptor a Dakar (Senegal)
Participation in exhibitions in Burkina Faso
  • 1997    "Art and Solidarity" Foundation Olorun, Ouagadougou
    Centre Culturel Français "Georges Méliés", Ouagadougou
  • 1998    "Des Elles de Femmes" Centre Culturel Français "Georges Méliés", Ouagadougou
    "Les grands frères et les petits frères" au Centre Culturel Français "Georges Méliés", Ouagadougou
    "Woman and Art" Foundation Olorun, Ouagadougou
  • 1999    Galery ZAKA, Ougadougou

Participations in exhibitions abroad
  • 1997    Galery Arcane 21, Sauve (France)
  • 1999    La Venerie, Watermael-Boitsfort/Brussels (Belgium)
    "Alte Papierfabrik" in Ebertsheim (Germany)
    Citibank Duisburg (Germany)
  • 2000    Internationales Zentrum (IZ), Duisburg (Germany)
    Hessian Parliament, Wiesbaden (Germany)
    Tanzhaus nrw die werkstatt, Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • 2001    "Espace Noriac", Limoges (France)
    Sparkasse Essen-Rüttenscheid (Germany)
    Wohnstift Augustinum, Essen (Germany)
    Citibank Krefeld (Germany)
  • 2002    KuBa Kunsthalle, Wolfenbüttel (Germany)
  • 2003    Orangerie, Grugapark Essen (Germany)
    Viterra Energy Services GmbH & Co.KG, Münster (Germany)
Individual exhibition
  • 1999    ATISS Gallery in Dakar (Senegal)
Study Trips
  • 1998    Republic of Benin
    Final Exposition "Open Studio" in Cotonou
  • 1999    Swizzerland
    Final Exposition in Basel